Do you have a slow and heavy digestion? Or too fast? Do you have reflux? Is it acidic or gaseous? The basis of care integrates food, lifestyle and sometimes supplementation is even necessary.

1 – Eat in a relaxed way, after a few deep breaths (stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system) which gives orders to the glands to produce acids and enzymes;

2 – Chewing very well – promotes the production of enzymes, the action of the parasympathetic nervous system, stimulates the stomach and intestine meridians and even regulates the hydration of the food bolus;

3 – Eat in a pleasant place with a comfortable temperature (the cold makes it difficult to relax) and from an energy point of view, the temperature of the meal should be adjusted to the season and the ambient temperature.

Imagine going to lunch late, already very hungry, with cold feet, in a winter month and being served a fresh salad accompanied by a beer… well, it won’t be pleasant!

4 – It is not recommended, but if you occasionally drink, it should be 1 small glass (up to 150 ml) of a non-fresh drink – water (preferably lukewarm / hot, you can add a few drops of lemon), herbal tea (and not black nor green!) or a very good quality wine (this one never during treatment periods).

5 – Do not eat very sweet fruits as dessert or fruit salad… avoid desserts at all!

6 – Avoid heavy combinations, such as animal proteins + carbohydrates or a mixture of them, for example: steak with rice and fries accompanied by a cold beer!

7 – Add some seasonal, bitter-tasting fermented vegetables – as they stimulate gallbladder contraction and fat digestion; example: raw green leaves, arugula, endives, turnips, horseradish, parsley, coriander, purslane, asparagus, green leaves of roots such as carrots, turnips or beets, nettles and dandelion leaves (the most bitter and therefore more therapeutic) and even sprouted peas, beans or seeds (more in spring).

8 – Avoid dinner long after 7 pm. In Portuguese culture it is not easy, so you have to compensate with other precautions and make an even lighter meal.

When the symptoms of poor digestion are more complex and “old”, more specific care is needed.

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