Cheese rolls “à la portugaise”.

Very healthy.

(A suggestion from our nutritionist Léa Caniço).

Who doesn’t love cheese rolls? But the ingredients… well, some are bad for us. So, Léa Caniço, our nutritionist, decided to do an experiment that turned out «better than the order!!!»

As he doesn’t follow ready-made recipes, we leave the base he inspires for the use of healthier ingredients… that are suitable for each person, as not all are good for everyone.

The recipe… to inspire

– Sour starch from Brazil (comes from cassava);

– Well-cured sheep’s cheese (very Portuguese, made with raw milk and thistle);

– One egg, preferably organic;

– Three tablespoons of water;

– Three tablespoons of olive oil;

– Sea salt.


Mix by hand the sprinkle with the cheese (choose a very hard one to be able to grate, to make parmesan) and the sea salt. Then the egg, water and oil, beat well. Make balls and bake for about 30 minutes (until golden brown).



Good weekend.

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